The quest for Jans Sauvage's origins unfolds against the backdrop of the picturesque province of Bretagne, France.

Born to Jean Sauvage and Anne Eon, Jans embarked on a journey that led him to Canada in the late 18th century. In the intricate details of historical records, the parish of Plouër emerges as a common thread connecting Jans to his roots.

The marriage certificate with Marie-Louise Benoit reveals his affiliation with the parish of Plouër, Bretagne, As legal ink met parchment, the marriage contracts, attested by Notary J. Gabrion, unfurl the tapestry of Jans' origin. The nuances of the first contract, dated April 5, 1782, transport us to Ploüouard, Dol diocese, Bretagne. The second contract, dated September 23, 1782, reaffirms his connection to Ploüard, Dol diocese, Bretagne.

Delving deeper into the pages of "Nos origines en France, des débuts à 1825: Vol. 13: Bretagne," the narrative solidifies. Jans Sauvage emerges as the offspring of Jean Sauvage and Anne (Ayous, Ayrus or Eyon), whose roots extend to Plouëc, now known as Plouëc-Du-Trieux, Tréguier diocese, Bretagne.

The chronicles of migration, as chronicled in "Les Français au Québec, 1765-1865: un mouvement migratoire méconnu," introduce the possibility of Jans' arrival from Plouer-Langlolay-sur-Rance, Côtes-d'Armor. A hint that he could have arrived during the Seven Years' War.

Plouër archival records reveal, the Sauvage and Eon families coexisted in the parish between the years 1700 and 1790. Yet, despite these tantalizing clues, the elusive proof of Jans or his family's presence in the Plouër registry remains shrouded in historical ambiguity.

In the course of my research, I have uncovered two strikingly similar oral stories about the origin of Jans. These stories originate from the Bénoni Sauvage and Benjamin Sauvage lineages, respectively. According to both versions, Jans was found as a child wandering in a wood near Valleyfield, Quebec, after his parents died in a shipwreck. Subsequently, a landlord from the same region took him in and raised him. This may explain why tracing Jans' origins in Bretagne, France, has been a difficult task. The striking similarities in both stories and their consistency over time should raise questions about Jans' true origin

Origin of Jans

Jans Sauvage
Jans Sauvage